Welcome to the future of file management

FastFind is the next genration AI powered file search engine

Say goodbye to folders, and just FastFind

FastFind uses LLM AI to find the file or folder you are looking for in a conversational manner.
No need to waste time in folder management anymore. FastFind indexes and understands all your files.

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Experience the future of file management

FastFind is not a simple search tool.

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Your files, your way.

Tag, visualize and set automatic rules to assist you in your file management.

It contains a certainty index that indicates the probability for the file or folder to match your request. In case of failure, FastFind can learn from its mistakes.

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Just speak to it like you would with your collegue

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We build plugins to help you with your specific business files : Word, Excel, Photoshop, Illustrator..

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Fastfind runs locally on your computer, we don’t see and don’t share your files with anyone.

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